Rug Restoration Will Bring Life Back To Your Area Rugs

Rugs are beautiful fixtures, and there are so many out there these days. They go well in both homes and businesses, and for thousands of years rugs have been sought after around the world. And rugs aren’t just nice to look at, as they provide a lot of utility as well.
But an unfortunate truth is that a rug won’t stay in good condition forever, and eventually it will become dirty while also exhibiting signs of wear and tear. If your rug looks like it’s about to be on its last legs, then this is when you should reach out to our team. For years, our area rug cleaning service in Brooklyn has been trusted and preferred, but we don’t just do cleaning; we deliver a wide range of first-rate rug restoration services as well.
If you need rug recoloring, rug reweaving, rug binding, or rug fringing, we’ll help you. We provide many more restoration services, but these are the ones we deliver most often.


We’ll Execute Rug Recoloring For You

When you need rug recoloring executed by true recoloring experts, contact us. Our recoloring specialists have been recoloring rugs for years, and they’re always meticulous and detailed. They use the best products and tools to bring vibrancy back to rugs, and when they’re done with recoloring you’ll think that your rugs were just purchased the other day. If your rugs are fading, we’ll reverse the fading process and make your area rugs compliment-worthy again.

We Can Help When Reweaving Is Required

Our experts will help you when you need rug reweaving. This is a useful restoration service, one that will save you from getting an expensive rug replacement. When a rug begins to unravel, it can be in a very vulnerable position. The more an unraveling rug gets stepped on, the more likely it is that the rug will sustain damage, possibly enough to render it destroyed. Our reweaving service will ensure unraveling is no longer a problem, and when you get your rug back it won’t only be secure but visually appealing as well. We’ll have your rug back to you before you begin to miss it.

Choose Us When You Need Rug Binding

Using binding tape or a special sewing machine, we can bind your rug for you. We’ve been binding rugs for years, so we know exactly how this process needs to be executed for first-rate results to be achieved. Rug binding will sure-up your rug, and once you get binding done it’s likely you won’t have to get this again for years, if ever.

We’re Trusted Area Rug Fringing Experts

Since a rug’s fringe is its most important part, when this gets compromised, such can put the rug in a very vulnerable position. We’ll deliver fringing to make your rug sturdy, and when we’re done with fringing your rug’s fringe shouldn’t cause you anymore headaches in the future. This is a restoration service you don’t want to put off.